Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pastor Wins Human Rights Award

Pastor Cho Hwa-soon

By Park Si-soo

Pastor Cho Hwa-soon, a progressive Christian received an award from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) in recognition of her decade-long efforts to improve the human rights of laborers, females and minority groups.

NHRCK held the awarding ceremony on Monday, December 12, 2008, at the Kim Koo Museum and Library in central Seoul to commemorate the 59th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in December 1948 by the United Nations.

Pastor Cho Hwa-soon, 73, received the Order of Civil Merit, the most honorable reward given to those showing the best performance in human rights movements. She has engaged in these activities since 1966. She has long been regarded as a proactive human rights campaigner, encouraging females to participate in various social affairs and also raise their voices in Korean society.

Ahn Young-do, a lawyer who had worked for the Koran Bar Association and the Lawyers for Democratic Society, won an award for his contribution to improving overall conditions regarding human rights here.

Pastor Choi Eui-pal also received the same award in recognition of his role in supporting foreign laborers in Korea and managing cross-culture programs devised for expatriates.

Including the three, a total of 17 individuals and organizations won an award in the event.


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