Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Myanmar - news and prayer request

Cyclone Nargis
Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar May 1st, 2008

Hi brother Joao Cruzue

Nice to meet you. Sorry for my delayded reply. I've already heard that there are so many christian people at Brazil. As you know, our people at Ayeyarwaddy Divison suffered from cyclone and please pray for them.

Ayeyarwaddy is one of the States of Myanmar and it was attacked by a cyclone. Many churches were destroyed and need to be repaired. Firstly, Myanmar our Baptist Convention gave them shelters and other aids like food, clothes and medicines. Now, people from villages need to come back their old places. When I arrived at one of the camp, I felt very sorry for them because each one lost family members, home and properties. That's why I request you to pray for them. Only Our Lord can relieve their sorrows.

When I have time, I'll tell you about our church worship.

Bye for now. Take care.

With regards,

T. Su

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