Saturday, October 04, 2008

India - Report of VHP persecution against christians


* Vishaw Hindu Parishad
By Joao Cruzue

They are murdering , blazing, rapeing, burning christians and their homes and churches, in the name of the culture and hindu religion defence. VHP leaders in India think that to convert a Dalit or people from "depressed" class, how they mention, is a attempt against India culture, that is, nobody shall preach any freedon word to Indian Dalits unless they have to die in their poverty, misery and "karma".

I think not one religion in this world has the right of preaching murdering, slavery, misery, poverty, burning people in the name of one culture. A shameful culture! And below is a table I built with figures from the shameful persecution of Hindu fundamentalists in some States from India.

India persecution report

Orissa 13
Thousands of families banished from their homes by VHP fundamentalist groups
50,000 homeless are living in Orissa State forests.

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Vivekanand said...

This happens because some people are so blinded due to the money from the evangelists and backed by forces from outside India that they for get that in the name of equality they are undermining the sentiments and rights of 79% of the great land of India.
So Mr. Writer don't be blinded sitting in the glass walled office/house and looking things through tinned glasses.

I know you won't publish the comments that you receive because that needs guts and the fact is that people like you follow the policy of "DO WHAT SUITS ME".

I know you won't let these comments appear on the blog coz these don't suit you. Cheers!

Joao Cruzue said...

Answer to Vivikanand.

Thank you. Your opinion was posted.

All information I gathered came from Indian friends. Not from outsiders. I am not a simple writer. I am a christian journalist.

Religion intolerance is a evil to be combated, no matter how from: christianity, Islamism, Budism, Hinduism or any other "ism". Not one religion has any right to murdered of command anyone to kill people. Mainly in the defence of an ancient culture.

Please, don't rationalize what is happened in Orissa, India, to your YouTube links. One error doesn't justify the other. Neither that picture you use from YouTube is a carpet where you could hide below, that deaths, murderings, houses, shops and churches destroyed by fire In Orissa since last Christmas.

Let me suggest you one thing: why don't you use the time in Atlanta, Georgia, where you are, to do a small visit to the Church at 449 Auburn where is the Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc.?

Who knows you could learn a little more about human rights, nonviolence, victory over intolerance, to refresh your conscience?

Joao Cruzue said...


Without Name and email, no publish.



Anonymous said...

it is obvious violence is an unacceptable act regardless what motives

kuldeep said...

yesterday i saw a video it was captured when the extremists were beating christians. They bet so many people to the point of death, that too in the presence of police A young lady was praded nude and later those extremists hit her on her private parts.No religion can be based on these sort of teachings. But Our Christ is a gracious Lord may these sufferings bring salvation to many of them those were involved in this inhuman act.

TheWanderer said...

Hindus persecute Christians, Christians persecute Muslims, Muslims persecute Christians and Jews, Jews persecute Muslims and non-Jews. There is plenty of persecution to go around.

Perhaps it is time for tolerance on all sides... perhaps it is time to come together and live and let live... perhaps it is time to let each live according to their beliefs.

I doubt that this comment will ever see the light of day on this blog, but that will not stop the time when people will tire of hate and begin to see that the Christian, the Pagan, the Hindu, the Jew, and all others can live together in peace. That they can share and grow in their differences.