Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nepal Christian News

Rally on the last Easter Sunday

Brother M. J. Shah


On the last Easter Sunday
In Tikapurr - Nepal
Dear Brother Jean,

Greeting from Prince, Thank for your replay. I am interested to help you with your blog news.

I am here in Western part of Nepal and doing ministry in the Church. We have twelve daughter churches with more then two thousand members. Our church is one of the biggest churches in western part of Nepal. Epically, I am focusing youth and disciple leaders.

I love to work with you; I can send you our ministry up date and prayer request every month, so you can publish. And also we need your prayer.

Here is the ministry update about Easter.

Dear Brothers,

Greetings from Prince and S. Ranie - my wife.

Wishing you a very blessed but belated Easter Sunday. You must have had enjoyed the day. We are doing fine by the grace of our living Lord. Hope, this same goes with you.

On last Easter Sunday, we had a very blessed time in Tikapurr , far west of Nepa. Early in the morning, we went for procession, proclaiming about Jesus….Jesus has risen for dead. Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

And we did this program at open ground. Especially our target is to reach the unreach people. Also, we have invited 14 candidates of different political parties, who are going to participate for upcoming election (Constituent Assembly). More than four thousand people were gathering together from different - parts of the local community.

I think, this is happened first time in Christian history of Nepal .

Every political party got five minutes to have their speech. They have their own saying about Christianity. They have given great hope for Christianity. I got chance to host that program and able to share my testimony. By the grace of God I did it well as the audience gave feedback later. Many people touched by my testimony.

The imaging thing is that, this morning one of the key leader of Maoist came to our house and she told us, she want talk with us. I really thank God; he gave us wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with her. Also I share with her my testimony. Please continually pray for her.

Thank you so much, God bless you,

In Christ,

M. J. Shah "Prince"
Tikapur Christiya Church
Kailali, Nepal.

Letter got by brother Joao Cruzue


John said...

Please be honest whenever you publish news. I appreciate your burden for the gospel but at the same time we need to be very careful how we are composing the matter. Please try to avoid linguistic error in terms of grammer

Joao Cruzue said...


To "master" john

Thank you. You all people be so eficient to critisize like you, the world will be "better" for sure.

I prefer to build something, even run the risk of make some miskakes (my native language is portuguese)
than to loose my time to point errors from the others without be specific.

It worths nothing to critisize if you do not show how it is or how to corret the mistake. Your error turns to be greater than mine.

I had one linguistic error. But you had a principle one.

It is better to preach the Gospel even mistaking than you have one diploma of master in english and bad education.

If you have no willing to build or to help someone to improove or to be saved, better to shut up!

Anonymous said...

Hello friends!

My intention was not to hurt you. but you became so tense....well!! cool down..You didn't get what i mean. I was not trying to point out your mistake but trying to know whether you know me or not. I was wrong in my mind. I was thinking you someone else. I am too belong from Tikapur.

Please don't consider negatively.. Keep on going..

God bless!!

John Cruzue said...



Now we your words make sense to me.Forget about. that's all right.

Brother John, from Brazil.