Sunday, March 30, 2008

Three advises and a prophecy

To win over depression


By João Cruzué

I wrote this message to ones who walk depressed or suffering with the loss of many battles, and needs desperately for strategies to win the war. I want to say it does not matter where you be, I can prophesy there is a certainty of victory for you, since you read these three advices, keep in your mind and put them into practice.

First advice: do not be imprisoned in the past.

If the cause of your problems is in the past (and I am not going to type a list) every time you waste time looking backwards, bitterness will invade your heart. I can illustrate this with the tale of the “Cat’s funeral”.

The cat of one family died and children combined to do a solemn funeral to that kitten. Since they liked a great deal of the event, they decided to leave its tail outside of the ground. The next day they pulled its tail of and repeated the ceremony, leaving again the tail outside. To each funeral, the bad smell was unbearable, then they decided to stop playing.

You are not going to manage and resolve your problems or to be out from them, if every day you be exhuming that "cat" from your past. This decision was much usefulness and this advice is in your Bible at Filipenses 3:13 and 14. Examine it. God wants you change your glance to the future, since your victories will come from there.

Second Advice: Prayer and physical exercises

Prayer is the key that opens the door of Heaven. But there are two conditions to pray and be heard. If you still not accept Jesus as savior and LORD of your life, go in the Worship Service of the nearest Evangelic Church and say to the pastor precise you need to reconcile with God and want to accept Jesus. If you “give a time” in your faith for any problem, look for that Church you quit, if it is near, and return for Jesus. Why it is necessary to do this? The Answer is in Gospel of John 9:31.

"We know what God
does not hear to sinners; but
if someone trust in God
and it does his will,
to that one He hears ".

If you are not fitted in that two previous situations and are fighting one biggest struggle, do not be driven to despair. Days in the valley are times of preparation for the improvement of your christian character to be prepared to blessings bigger than are near. In the Bible who passed therefore was Jó: after great affliction he gained from God the double of everything he had .

I lived 11 years of great unemployment that I passed for times things were not giving right. During that times I did regularly long walks in a calm near street. It is proved by the medicine that the physical exercises stimulate production of endorfina in our brain. During these walks I always used to pray. In the Bible, Prophet Elijah did a long walk in times of depression, in 1Reis 19:4 to 7.

The time what you pass in communion (talking) with God will be the time He is going to help and strenght you to resolve your problems. He knows perfectly everything about you, but the initiative is up to you. Things which many people do not know is the fact that LORD has interest to hold a firm relationship with us to bless us - like he did with Job - whereas our reality shows that we have not a great interest on talking to (pray) and to build a victorious relationship with HIM.

Third Advice: do not be idle

Along the Bible we can see God observing a standard to choose (many are called, and few are the chosen ones) persons for leadership. I can affirm He looks for people who be working. In His process of choice, God never separated anybody for a victorious life, among idle people. Perhaps because idle persons besides do nothing, they develop a bad habit of an extremely critical language - that can be seen in two conversations between God and devil in the first two chapters the Book of Jó.

One of the principal reasons because there are sad so many people embittered, depressed between Christians is the lack of occupation or the refusal of assuming responsibilities in the labor of the LORD. Once the the presence of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life brings joy, then what will be the cause of so many sadness, embittered and depressed among christian faces? The fact must be when they refuse on be occupying with the activities of their calls, they sadden the Holy Spirit, day after day, until rest only ashes of a hot coal that was slowly put out.

The smile of the victory


Do not bring your past to the present; keep looking forward . Reconcile yourself with God for your prayer can be heard; do not leave of practicing physical exercises. Try to be involved and assume responsibilities at the House of the LORD. Be firm, do not lose heart, because you are going to win this war. Look well at this photo above. Through the faith I can see the same smile in your face, since you hear what the Spirit of the LORD has been speaking.

João Cruzue
blog Olhar Cristão


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