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Count the stars in the sky

counting stars
By Joao Cruzue

I was in vacation with my family, on the second fortnight of last July, and we made a very blessed trip to "Minas Gerais" the brazilian Estate, where I was born. We crossed the South of Minas, where we bought lots of strawberries. Who said that "mineiros" only like cheeses? Besides strawberries, cheeses, pure air, the Mantiqueira Mountains, the Backbone Mountains, the best coffee in the world, we spent some days in my mother's farm.

When I was 13 , my father bought a small farm, in the Caratinga River Valley, tributary of Sweet River. I was 18, when I went to Sao Paul
o City, in another State, searching for a job and to course accountancy in a College. I was more blessed than I could imagine. I became a believer in Christ, as soon as, I saw myself far from my family. My parents, at that time very catholics, became extremely disppleased. Times then, I mean 14 years, they also accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. First, mom, then my father, two years after. Today, he is already with Lord.

Whenever I can, in vacation, I leave Sao Paulo City to go there, where I have my special moments of prayer with God. In the evening or at night, at the times of new moon, while I am praying, I can look up to a sky full of stars. It makes 30 years, that I still have the opportunity todo that.

Inclusively, the penultimate week of July, when, as I said above, we got there, again. It was waning moom, nights without brightness, the sky showed for us all its stars, including his clouds of light, that we know a
s The Milky Way. Then, I could invite my daughters, my wife, and other relatives, to go up til the terrace to contemplate the beauty of that sky, which is not known in the cities for the excess of brightness.

This message, I am writing, I want to share something else: what my spirit felt from the Spirit of God, at that place. And, the subject is about one of the process, which God used to ripen the faith of Abraham.

If you examine, by near, the life of Abrahan, you are going to see that the Lord, the highiest God, talked to him for eitht times. I identify myself with Abraham, because we both had to leave our land, our parent's house and our relatives to be safe and prosperous in the Lord. When I have the opportunity to look at a starry sky, in all its plenitude, I always remember myself about the opportunity in which " Jehova " told Abraham to look up, to the starry sky, to count the stars.

Apparently, The first time God spoke to Abraham, was in Genesis 12:1. " Get out of your country, From your family And from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you". The verb is in the imperative form, "get out", so it was an order. The destiny would be a land, which he only would know in the future if he moved. The advantages would be: power, fame and prosperity for him and for all families in the world. Abraham left with some interest in these things. Together with him, a nephew, named Lot. At the time he had decided to leave, his father had already died.

The second time the Lord appeared to him, was to tell him that the Land of Canaan was his Promised Land. Abraham was a man that had a deep frustration in his life, and God knew well that. God said: " To your seed, Abraham, I will give this Land. Provoking his feelings. After that day, a serious hunger came to Canaan. Therefore, Abraham went down to the land of Egypt. Lot, his nephew, went together. Like "good" businessman of the Orient, now and then Abraham lied .One lie here, other one there... and due to a serious lie, they were expelled from Egypt by Pharaoh. They went out to Canaan very rich in cattle, gold, silver, servants and slaves.

There was cattle of more and land of less. This was the reason of disputes among the shepherds of the uncle and the nephew. So, finally, Abrão reached the last point of the God's demand: to be separeted from his relatives.

Separation of Lot and Abraham

For the third time, the Lord appeared when Abrão was lonely, without relatives. Abraham had almost everything: gold, silver, cattle, more than 300 men of war, around 1,000 persons were serving him. His family, actually, were composed by to old persons: He an his wife, Sara. A little glance at the families of his serfs, he could notice that they had children. Include his cattle. All his gold, silver, cattle, slaves were not the enough do make a couple of elders to have one son . Knowing his frustration - and God knows anything within our hearts - HE appeared this time and said: Abraham! lift up, now, your eyes and see all this Land, for the North, for the South, for the Orient and for the West - all this land what you are seeing , it will be given by me to you and to your seed, forever.

And, God did not remain only in these words, it kept on provoking: " Your seed will be like the powder of this land. Get up and goes through this land, in its length and in its width, because I will give it to you ". From this point, the heart of Abraham was not anymore on his possessions. God had begun to wake in him a new dream. Yes! The wish of a heir began to trouble his thoughts. Impossible!

Then, God appeared him by the fourth time. It was after his return of the war. He participate to rescue family of his nephew. He armed 318 men from his servants to recover everything. In the turn, it gave the tithe of everything that was recovered. Now, he was sure that the strong arm of God was behind his prosperity . The war made Abrão shudder. And, God said to him:" Do not fear Abraham , I am your shield (security in the war) and your exceedingly great reward.

Now Abrão tore his heart: " Lord one thing is lacking in my life. I have not one child. And my heir is going to be the butler, the foreigner Eliezer. And the word of the Lord came to the spirit of Abrão: " This butler shall not be your heir, but one who will come from your own body shall be your heir."
Milky Way

And, The Lord ordered him (imperative) look up, now, to the sky and count the stars, if you are able to count them; and the Lord ended: " So, it will be your seed ". To count stars, here, means to relight your dreams. To blow again the ashes.There is still a small hot coal lighted, there. I learnt that, because I was unemployment for 11 years. My opportunity came when I was already "old" of 48 years. How much frustration. But God never do not leave any son of Him ashamed. Abraham got his precious heir; I had been working for three years at a big Hospital; you, like us, will also be blessed.

My neighbor, Andrea, and his Husband prayed during 17 years for a child. Certain day, she was humiliated by another heighbor woman, who said so: " Where is is your God? I have two children and you none! " Can you imagine what happened? When she completed 18 years of married, her first son came. One year later, a daughter too. A couple, inheritance of our God. God trod in the language of the devil. Now, we will back to the history of Abraão.

At that time, Abrão already had more intimacy with the Lord. Meantime, the haste put almost everything losing. Hearing the councils of his wife, Abraham had a relapse in his faith. It accepted to have a son with a slave of his wife. Agar conceived and gave the first son of Abrão, Ismael. He would have no right to inheritance. It was the result that always happens, when we exchange the God's voice for human advices.

When God speaks, if we are loyal, our spirit feels a peace uncommonly. When the voice is not from Him, our heart keeps in doubts. If we decide with doubts we can throw away our true blessings. Abraham lost 14 years of his time due to a wrong decision. He heard the voice of the reason. The God's voice can seem a madness for the ears of anyone but if He speaks to you, you will feel a sweet calm to decide correctly. A old pastor of mine always said: The God's peace shall be the arbiter of your heart.

In Genesis 17, God appeared by the fifth time to Abraham. His age, it was 99 years. Sara, his wife had to be 89 years old. A couple of senile like it said, today. In this opportunity, God require sanctity: " I am the Almighty God; walk, Abraham, in my presence and be blameless ". Next, HE changed their names. Now, he was Abraham and Sarah! insteade Abram and Sarai. The promise of a son, at that age, was cause of laughters from the part of the couple. Laughters of simple incredulity. They were still not believing completely. It was here which God gave name to the dream of Abraão: ISAAC!

Dear reader, we are going to have a pause. Before knowing completely the God's power, we use to carry within a "trunk" several frustrações. Mountains of impossibilities. One question: in Genesis 18:14 " Is There anything difficult to our Lord ? And the answer in Lucas 1:37 " For to our God nothing is impossible! " These two verses, by itselves, are enough to clean any doubt.

In the sixth time, The Lord appeared him personally, with two angels in the visitors' form. Genesis 18. Sarah still had doubts. God came to confirm that after nine months, from that visit on, ISAAC would come in. God Also warned the about the destruction of Sodoma and Gomorra. In the chapter 21, Isaac was born. Isaac means laughter. Laughter, because if someone knew of his history, he certainly would laugh. And the boy grew up and Abraão did a great banquet in the day Isaque was weaned. Laughters of the true joy invaded that home. The sadness was changed, in the tent of that old couple, to a radiant and noisy joy.

This kind of madness only God can do. Child to a old couple

Isaac became the prince of that home. Abraham, now, had no a more frustration. He was well satisfied. Isaac was all he wanted . But his faith would be put in a trial. God wondered till the point Abraham was sincere

And for the seventh time, the Lord appeared to Abraham, to a trial.

Stop! Abraham. From Rembrandt

- Abraham, said God, take, now, your only son, Isaac, to whom you love so much, and go to land of Moriah, and sacrifice it, and it offers it in holocaust to Me. Then, Abraham got up and went to execute the God's order. He only did not it, for God, Hinself, sent an angel to impede.

In those three days, which they walked to the Hill of Moriá, Abraham had the oportunity to think deeply in the gravity of his compromise. He would obey to God's order. A hard and cruel order. Within his heart he had one thing: peace with God. That calm to decide. The same God who gave a child to a senile couple, would provide a solution for that case. So, Abraham reached to a conclusion that God was more important as Isaac. He would give Him the first place and Isaac was now in the second plan. Such an attitude heat JEHOVAH'S heart. The faith of Abraham had reached the complete maturity. No more blameless. He would exchange everything to please and to do the will of God.

Abraham already loved The Lord wholeheartedly.

For the eighth time, God send to him a angel. the Angel of the Lord, apeared to say "Abraham, Abraham. And he said, Here am I. And the Lord said, Lay not your hand upon the lad, neither do you any thing to him: for now I know that you fear God, seeing you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.

For the sake of the faith of Abraham, all the families of the world are blessed. Isaac symbolize Jesus Christ, the only son of the Lively God, the Eternal God, of the Almighty God. Jesus descends from Abraham. His blood in the sacrifice of the cross at the Mount Calvary was, is and will be sufficiently necessary to guarantee the reconciliation with God.

And, once reconciled by Christ, we can trust his love. If you present to Him, in prayer, your frustrações, your wounds, your limitations, your falls, be sure that Christ can exchange all of them for dreams and new visions. Then, what are you still awaiting? Lift up your eyes, at night, far from the city, in those days without moon, to count the stars of the sky.

I write to the glory of the Lord!

Author: Joao Cruzue
Translation from portuguese of " Conte as Estrelas do Céu "
copies, only with my credits
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One door is opened 4 you

Once upon a time, there was a little bird so sad within a cage. Before to be prisioner, it sang higher than any other. But suddenly, there it was: arrested and dumb. It had lost its freedom. No more sang by dawn. It stopped because it was very sad, and its sadness grew up more and more, day by day.

But a young man who knew the singing of that little bird, and worried about its dumbness, assumed an attitude: He would go tonight at that place and he would open the door's cage. And so he did.

Dawn, in the following day, all free birds of that place were in a noising party, singing a lot. Then, a huge sadness came in the heart of that little bird and so it died.

It died without to realize that the door was opened.

Now we're going to let birds for behind to talk about you. Who knows what big problem you are involved. Drugs? sickness? Depression? lost your family? Alcohol? Unemployied? Are you feeling as in a jail?

Be careful. Many people become prisioners of their own pessimist thoughts. They can not see nothing else as a closed door.

After I have spent 11 years looking for a job that never came, married, two daughters, hundred of profiles mailed, dozens of interviews did, and many doors slamming in my face, I know can help you, I know your feelings, because I was already there! For that reason I thought I had got the "oscar" of misfortune. My humour changed three times a day. Bad - good - bad. The Last(of those 11) year, then... was the worst. I could escape and I came here to tell you that there is do a opened door. His name is Jesus Christ. He got the victory and gave it to me. Yesterday I was crying; today I can smile. If you hear me - it will happen this same way with you. Don't make confusion. I am talking about one friendly person - Jesus Christ - not about churches, religions. In simple words: Jesus is like the wind: you can feel his presence, although you can not see Him. His is the opened door.

You only could see it when you look up! Take your eyes out from the ground and look up.

When I was very depressed, I used to go out for a little walk . While I was walking I thought: One day of these my time will come. And it came true.

As a reader of the Bible, I kept in my mind on special versicle:" ...but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus". Lovely words.

Our frequent reminders of the past bad things could destroy ourselves. We need to dream, again, about the future as the prodigal son of the Bible did, in Luke 15. The key to opem your door is to return to dream!

Bible, Luke, chapter 15:11...

11 A certain man had two sons.
12 And the younger of them said to his father: Father, give me the portion of substance that falleth to me. And he divided unto them his substance.
13 And not many days after, the younger son, gathering all together, went abroad into a far country: and there wasted his substance, living riotously.
14 And after he had spent all, there came a mighty famine in that country: and he began to be in want.
15 And he went and cleaved to one of the citizens of that country. And he sent him into his farm to feed swine.
16 And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks the swine did eat: and no man gave unto him.
17 And returning to himself, he said: How many hired servants in my father’s house abound with bread, and I here perish with hunger!
18 I will arise and will go to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and before thee.
19 I am not worthy to be called thy son: make me as one of thy hired servants.
20 And rising up, he came to his father. And when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him and was moved with compassion and running to him fell upon his neck and kissed him.
21 And the son said to him: Father: I have sinned against heaven and before thee I am not now worthy to be called thy son.
22 And the father said to his servants: Bring forth quickly the first robe and put it on him: and put a ring on his hand and shoes on his feet.
23 And bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it: and let us eat and make merry:
24 Because this my son was dead and is come to life again, was lost and is found. And they began to be merry.


A door was open, and that father represented our Heavenly Father. He loves you.

And there you are. Maybe thinking to take out your own life cause your problems.

It doesn't matter how big they are, please follow one of this two ways:

If you are not a christian yet, hurry up. Invite Jesus to stay in your heart. Speak loud with Him, as He be sat near from you. Buy a bible. Learn about Him. If you are already a believer, keep awaiting in Him. While you be wainting, move yourself and do some job for Christ. In my last three years of unemployment, I collected bibles and used Sunday bible lessons to send, by mail, to groups of prisioners in penitenciaries. Be useful: do something for your Lord.

If you are a new christian, forget about your old companies, for a time. Changhe them, but don't abandon your family. Do not trust in your own thoughts. If you only see defeats and closed doors, you are wrong. Your feelingsare corrupted. Look up. Change your mind. I am not talking about religion, Church, association. You may need them, but your true friend is a person called Jesus Christ. Ask him, pray to him and cross your door because i am sure: it is there and opened. He blessed me and He will bless you too.

Jesus is the Christian God and He do Loves you. He is the way, the truth to your new life.The day you accept Him, He will dry your tears and will give you the tools for you to build new bridges to your new dreans come true.

Note: whem you will be there, please, give me your news. It will be great to me, to hear about you.
I write this things because Jesus have done many good things for me, and I wanted to share a little with you. I have written to praise Lord Jesus.

Written by Joao B. Cruzue - 04/11/06 - SP
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Christian first teachings I

This practical course is being done in seven languages: English, Russian, German, Chinese, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Our purpose is to bring some knowledge about Jesus Christ and His Gospel to whon that have not heard or read before. Come with us!

Who is Jesus Christ?
Кто - Иисус Христос
Wer ist Jesus Christus?
¿Quién es Jesús Cristo?
Qui est Jésus le Christ?
Quem é Jesus Cristo?

He is the only natural son of Everlasting God.
Он - единственный естественный сын Вечного Бога
Er ist der einzige wahre Sohn des Ewigen Gottes
Él es el único hijo natural de Dios Eterno
C'est le fils légitime du Dieu éternel
Ele é o único filho natural do Deus Eterno.

The name of Eternal God is JEHOVAH
Именем вечного бога будет JEHOVA
Der Name des Ewigen Gottes ist JEHOVA
El nombre de Dios Eterno es JEOVA
Le nom de Dieu éternel est JÉHOVAH
O nome do Deus Eterno é YAVEH.

Jehovah is father of Jesus Christ
Иегова - отец Джезуса Крайста
Jehova ist der Vater von Jesus Christus
Jehova es padre de Jesus Cristh
Jéhovah est père de Jésus le Christ
Yaveh é o pai de Jesus Cristo.

Jehova is God, Jesus Christ is God and Holly Ghost is also God. Three persons united in one God.And one God composed by three persons.
Иегова - Бог, Иисус Христос - Бог, Холлай Спайритай - Бог. Три человека, объединенные как один. Один Бог, составленный тремя человеками. Бог Отец, Бог Сын (Иисус Христос) и Бог Дух Падуба.
Jeovah ist Gott, Jesus Christus ist Gott, der Heilige Geist ist Gott - Drei Personen in Einem vereinigt. Ein von drei Personen zusammengesetzter Gott. Gott der Vater, Gott der Sohn (Jesus Christus) und Gott Der Heilige Geist.
耶和华是上帝, 耶稣基督是上帝并且冬青属鬼魂是上帝。基督徒上帝由三个人组成。
El Jehova es Dios, Jesucristo es Dios, Holly Spirity es Dios - Tres personas unidas como un. - Un Dios formado por tres personas.Dios el Padre, Dios el Hijo (Jesucristo) y Dios el Espíritu de Acebo.
Jehova est Dieu, Jésus le Christ est Dieu et le Saint-Esprit est également Dieu. Trois personnes uni dans un Dieu. Un Dieu composé par trois personnes.
Yaveh é Deus. Jesus Cristo é Deus, O Espírito Santo é Deus. Três pessoas unidas em uma. Um Deus composto de três pessoas. Deus Pai, Deus Filho ( Jesus Cristo ) e Deus Espírito Santo .

For God loved the world so much, That He gave his only son - Jesus Christ - So that whoever believes in Him may not die, but have eternal life
потому что Бог, Отец, любил мир так, Что Он дал его единственному сыну - Иисусу Христу Так, чтобы, кто бы ни верит в Него, не умер, но быть иметь вечную жизнь.
Weil Gott, der Vater, die Welt so sehr liebte, Dass Er seinen einzigen Sohn Jesus Christus hingab, so wird jeder, der an Ihn glaubt, das ewige Leben haben.
由于上帝非常爱世界, 那他给了他唯一儿子- 耶稣基督- 以便谁相信他不能死, 而是有永恒生活
Porque Dios, el Padre, amó el mundo tanto, Que Él dio a su único hijo - Jesucristo - de Modo que quienquiera cree en Él no muera, pero tendrá la vida eterna.
Car Dieu a tant aimé le monde qu’il a donné son Fils unique, afin que quiconque croit en Lui ne périsse point, mais qu’il ait la vie éternelle.
Porque Deus amou o mundo de tal maneira que deu o seu Filho unigênito, para que todo aquele que nele crê não pereça, mas tenha a vida eterna.

Jesus Christ said: I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to Father unless by me.
Иисус Христос сказал: я - путь, и правда, и жизнь. Никто не приезжает к Отцу если мной
Jesus Christus sagte: ich bin der Weg, die Wahrheit, und das Leben. Keiner kommt zum Vater, außer durch mich.
耶稣基督说, 我是方式, 真相, 生活。没人到达对父亲只如果由我
Jesucristo dijo: soy el camino, y la verdad, y la vida. Nadie no viene al Padre a menos que por mí.
Jésus lui dit: Je suis le chemin, la vérité, et la vie. Nul ne vient au Père que par Moi.
Disse Jesus: Eu sou o caminho, e a verdade, e a vida. Ninguém vem ao Pai a não ser por mim.

What is going to change in your life when you accept Christ as your LORD? There will be a big change in your heart. You will be the happiest person in the world, because Christ will give you the Spirit of Joy.
Что собирается изменяться в вашей жизни, когда Вы принимаете Христа как ваш ЛОРД? Будет большое изменение в вашем сердце. Вы будете самым счастливым человеком в мире, потому что Христос даст Вам Дух Радости.
Was wird sich in deinem Leben verändern, wenn du Christus als deinen HERRN annimmst? Es wird eine große veränderung in deinem Herzen geben. Du wirst die glücklichste Person in der Welt sein, weil Christus dir den Geist der Freude schenken wird.
如果您邀请基督居住在您的灵魂您将是最愉快的人在 世界里因为基督将给您快乐的精神。
¿Qué va a cambiarse de su vida cuándo usted acepta a Cristo como su SEÑOR? Habrá un cambio grande de su corazón. Usted será la persona más feliz en el mundo, porque Cristo le dará el Espíritu de Alegría.
Que va changer dans votre vie où vous acceptez le Christ comme votre SEIGNEUR? Il y aura un grand changement dans votre coeur. Vous serez la personne la plus heureuse au monde, parce que le Christ vous donnera l'Esprit de la Joie.
O que vai mudar em sua vida quando você aceitar Cristo como Senhor?Haverá uma grande mudança em seu coração. Você será a pessoa mais feliz do mundo, porque Cristo lhe dará o Espírito da alegria.

What else Jesus Christ can do for me? He can heal all my sickness, He gives me peace , He puts me free from evil spirits, drugs, and alcohool; and at last, He gives me the right to be registered my name in The Book of Life, as a son of God. If just I believe in Him.
Что больше Иисуса Христа может сделать для меня? Он излечивает всю мою болезнь, Он дает мне мир, Он помещает меня свободный от плохого алкоголя, от наркотиков, от alcohool; и наконец, Он дает мне право, которое будет зарегистрировано мое название в Книге Жизни, как сын Бога. Если только я верю в Него.
Was kann Jesus Christus sonst für mich tun? Er heilt alle meine Krankheiten, Er gibt mir Frieden, Er errettet mich von bösen Geistern, Rauschgift, Alkohol; und zun schluß gibt Er mir das Privileg, dass mein Name ins Buch des Lebens als Sohn Gottes eingetragen wird. Wenn ich an Ihn glaube.
什么其他耶稣基督可以做为我? 他能愈合所有我的憔悴, 他给我和平, 他任意投入我从邪恶的精神、坏药物, 和酒精; 并且最后, 他赋予我权力登记我的名字在生活书, 作为上帝的儿子。如果我相信他。
¿Qué más Jesucristo puede hacer para mí? Él cura toda mi enfermedad, Él me da la paz. Él me pone libre de espíritus malos, de drogas, de alcohool - y por fin, Él me da el derecho para ser registrado mi nombre en el Libro de la Vida, como el hijo de Dios. Si sólo creo en Él.
Que Jésus le Christ peut-il faire pour moi? Il peut guérir toute ma maladie, il me donne la paix, il me met librement des spiritueux mauvais, des drogues, et de l'alcohool; et enfin, il me donne le pouvoir d'être enregistré mon nom dans le livre de la vie, en tant que fils de Dieu. Si juste je crois en lui.
O que mais Jesus Cristo pode fazer para mim? Ele pode curar todas as minhas enfermidades. Ele pode me dar a Paz. Ele pode me libertar dos demônios, das drogas, do álcool - e por fim, me dá o direito de ter o meu nome registrado no livro da vida com filho de Deus. Se apenas eu crer nEle.

Jesus Christ knows you. He loves you.
Иисус Христос знает Вас. Он любит Вас.
Jesus Christus kennt dich. Er liebt dich.
Jesucristo le conoce. Él le ama.
Jésus le Christ vous connaît. Il vous aime.
Jesus Cristo conhece você. Ele o/a ama.

Author Joao Cruzue
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German tranlator - Ruth C.Dummert

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Christian first teachings II

Sin is like a virus. It is consequence not cause. Due to sin, man lost his first state - a life of deep communion with Jehovah God. The Holly Bible says: "Wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned"
Грех походит на вирус. Это - последствие не, вызывают. Из-за греха, человек потерял его первое государство - жизнь глубокой общины с Иеговой Год. Библия Падуба говорит: "Почему как одним грехом человека вступал в мир, и смерть грехом; и таким образом смерть прошла всем мужчинам, для которых все грешили".
Sünde ist wie ein Virus. Sie ist das Ergebnis, nicht die Ursache. Wegen der Sünde verlor der Mensch seinen Urzustand - ein Leben in tiefer Religionsgemeinschaft mit Gott. Die Heilige Schrift sagt: "Weil durch den Menschen die Sünde in die Welt kan, und die Sünde zum Tod führte; so kam der Tod zu allen Menschen, die gesündigt haben".
El pecado parece a un virus. Esto es la consecuencia no causan. Debido al pecado, el hombre perdió su primer estado - una vida de la comunión profunda con el Jehova Dios. La Biblia dice: "Por tanto, de la manera que el pecado entró en el mundo por un hombre, y por el pecado la muerte, y la muerte así pasó a todos los hombres en aquel en quien todos pecaron"
Le péché est comme un virus. C'est cause de conséquence pas. En raison du péché, homme a perdu son premier état - une vie de communion profond avec Dieu de Jéhovah. La bible de houx dit " C’est pourquoi, comme par un seul homme le péché est entré dans le monde, et par le péché la mort, et qu’ainsi la mort s’est étendue sur tous les hommes, parce que tous ont péché "
O pecado é como um vírus. É conseqüência e não a causa. Por causa do pecado, o homem perdeu seu primeiro estado - uma comunhão profunda com Yaveh Deus. A Bília diz: "Pelo que, como por um homem entrou o pecado no mundo, e pelo pecado, a morte, assim também a morte passou a todos os homens, por isso que todos pecaram"

Adam and Eve were afected by sin. For this reason mankind is contaminated since then. The only and most efficient medicine ( anti-virus ) is called Jesus Christ.
Адам и Ева был затронут грехом. По этой причине человечество загрязнено с тех пор. Единственную и самую эффективную медицину (антивирус) называют Иисусом Христом.
Adam und Eva verfielen der Sünde. Seitdem ist die Menschheit mit der Sünde infiziert. Die einzige und wirksame Medizin (Antivirus) heißt Jesus Christus.
Adán y Eva fueran afectados por el pecado. Por esta causa la humanidad es contaminada desde entonces. La medicina única y eficiente (antivirus) es llamada Jesucristo.
Adam et Eva étaient afected par péché. Pour cette raison l'humanité est souillée depuis lors. Seule et la plupart efficace de médecine (anti-virus) s'appelle Jésus le Christ.
Adão e Eva foram afetados pelo pecado. Por esta razão a humanidade está contaminada desde então. O único e eficaz remédio ( anti-virus ) se chama Jesus Cristo.

You need to believe in this medicine by faith, as an unusual way. When you accept Jesus Christ, in your heart, as LORD of your will and SAVIOR of your life - this means to believe. And to believe is the first step to remove sin.
Вы должны верить в эту медицину верой, необычной формы. Когда Вы принимаете Иисуса Христа, в вашем сердце, как ЛОРД вашего желания и СПАСИТЕЛЯ вашей жизни - это означает верить. И верить - первый шаг, который удалит грех.
Du musst an diese Medizin in einer außergewöhnlichen Art und Weise glauben. Wenn du Jesus Christus, in deinem Herzen, als HERR deines Willens und RETTER deines Lebens akzeptierst (...) - dann bedeutet dies glauben. Und zu glauben ist der erste Schritt, sich von der Sünde frei zu machen.
Usted tiene que creer en esta medicina por la fe, de una forma estraña. Cuando usted acepta a Jesucristo, en su corazón, como SEÑOR de su voluntad y SALVADOR de su vida - este significa creer. Y creer es el primer paso para quitar el pecado.
Vous devez croire en cette médecine par la foi, comme manière peu commune. Quand vous acceptez Jésus le Christ, à votre coeur, comme SEIGNEUR de votre volonté et SAUVEUR de votre vie - cette des moyens de croire. Et croire est la première étape pour enlever le péché.
Você precisa crer neste remédio pela fé, de uma forma não usual. Quando você aceita a Jesus Cristo, em seu coração, como SENHOR de sua vontade e SALVADOR de sua vida - isto significa crer. E crer é o primeiro passo para remover o pecado.

How to accept Jesus Christ, in your heart, to do the second step be HIS follower? It is quite simple: be alone in a quiet place, and talk to HIM as if it be aside you. A sugestion, you may say: "Jesus, please, you may come in into my heart and stay forever. Help me to understanding YOUR purpose to my life. Invitation is the second step.
Как принимать Иисуса Христа, в вашем сердце, сделать второй шаг быть ЕГО последователем? Это весьма просто: будьте одни в тихом месте, и говорить с НИМ как будто это быть в стороне Вами. Предложение, Вы можете сказать: "Иисус, пожалуйста, Вы можете войти в мое сердце и пребывание навсегда. Помогите мне к пониманию ВАШЕЙ цели к моей жизни. Приглашение - второй шаг.
Wenn Du Jesus Christus mit ganzem Herzen annimmst, muss du dann auch den zweiten Schritt tun und SEIN Anhänger werden? Das ist ziemlich einfach: suche einen ruhigen Platz, wo du alleine bist und spreche mit IHM, als ob Er neben dir steht. Zum Beispiel kannst du zu Ihm sagen: "Jesus, bitte komm in mein Herz und bleib für immer darin wohnen. Hilf mir Deine Pläne in meinem Leben zu verstehen. Die Einladung ist der zweite Schritt.
¿Cómo aceptar a Jesucristo, en su corazón, para dar el segundo paso para ser SU seguidor? Es completamente simple: esté solo en un lugar tranquilo, y dirigirse a ÉL como si ello estibesse a su lado. Una sugerencia, usted puede decir: "Jesús, por favor, usted puede entrar en mi corazón y permanencia para siempre. Ayúdeme al entendimiento de SU objetivo a mi vida. La invitación es el segundo paso.
Comment accepter Jésus le Christ, à votre coeur, la deuxième étape sont-elles son palpeur? Elle est tout à fait simple: soyez seul dans un endroit silencieux, et l'entretien à lui comme si il soit de côté vous. Une suggestion, vous pouvez dire: "Jésus, svp, vous pouvez entrer dans mon coeur et rester pour toujours. Aidez-moi à comprendre votre but à ma vie. L'invitation est la deuxième étape.
Como aceitar a Jesus Cristo, em seu coração, para dar o segundo passo para ser seu seguidor? Isto é muito simples: fique sozinho em um lugar tranqüilo, e fale com ELE como se estivesse ao seu lado. Um susgestão, você pode dizer; Jesus, por favor, pode entrar em meu coração e permaneça para sempre. O convite é o segundo passo.

The third step is: buy one Bible, because in this book it is written the Will of God. You should start by the Gospel o John and after Luke. That is enough to a good beginning.
Третий шаг: купите одну Библию, потому что в этой книге это написано желание Бога. Вы должны начать Евангелием Джона и после Льюка. Это достаточно к хорошему началу.
Der dritte Schritt ist: kaufe dir eine Bibel, weil in diesem Buch der Wille Gottes niedergeschrieben ist. Du solltest mit den Evangelien von Johannes und Lukas anfangen. Das reicht zunächst für einen guten Anfang.
El tercer paso es: compre una Biblia, porque en este libro es escrito la voluntad de Dios. Usted debería comenzar por el Evangelio de Juan y después, Lucas. Es bastante a un bueno principio .
La troisième étape est: achetez une bible, parce qu'en ce livre on lui écrit la volonté de Dieu. Vous devriez commencer par le Gospel o John et après Luc. C'est asse'à un bon commencement.
O terceiro passo é: adqüira uma Bíblia, porque neste libro está escrito a vontade de Deus. Voê deveria começar pelo Evangelho de João e depois o de Lucas. É o bastante para um bom começo.

You shall learn how to pray to do the fourth step. The same way you talk to the person you love more, shall be the way you may pray to Christ. Types of prayers: 2) thanks 3) request on your behalf, 4) requests on behalf of others. Jesus Christ said: "And all things whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive"
Вы должны узнать, как молиться, чтобы сделать четвертый шаг. Та же самая манера Вы говорите с человеком, которого Вы любите больше, должна быть способом, которым Вы можете молиться Христу. Типы просьб: 2) спасибо 3) просит от Вашего имени, 4) запросы от имени других. Иисус Христос сказал: "И все вещи вообще, который Вы спрашиваете в просьбе, веря, Вы должны получить"
Du musst lernen, wie man betet, um den vierten Schritt tun zu können. Auf dieselbe Weise, wie du mit einer Person redest, die du sehr lieb hast, so sollst du zu Jesus Christus beten. Inhalte für Gebete sind: 2) Danksagung 3) Hilfe für dich selbst 4) Fürbitte für deinen Nächsten. Jesus Christus sagt: "Um alles was du mich im Glauben bittest, wird dir gegeben. "
Usted aprenderá a rezar para dar el cuarto paso. De mismo modo usted se dirige a la persona que usted ama más, será el modo que usted puede rezar a Cristo. Tipos de rezos: 2) las gracias 3) solicitan de su parte, 4) peticiones para otros. Jesucristo dijo: "Y todas las cosas en absoluto al que usted pregunta en el rezo, creer, usted recibirá"
Vous apprendrez comment prier pour faire la quatrième étape. La même manière que vous parlez à la personne vous aimez plus, serez la manière vous pouvez prier au Christ. Types de prières: 2) actions de grâces. 3) des supplications 4) des requêtes. Jésus le Christ a dit: "et toutes les choses celui que vous demandiez dans la prière, croyant, vous recevrez"
Você vai aprender a orar para dar o quarto passo. Da mesma maneira que você conversa com a pessoa que você mais ama, é o modo que você pode orar a Crito. Tipos de orações: 2) Agradecimentos 3) pedidos para si próprio - súplicas 4) pedidos em favor de outros - intercessões. " E tudo que você pedir em oração, crendo, receberá".

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Colaboradora na tradução em alemão - Irmã Ruth C.Dummert
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